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Ambrosia Show Duet - web-site for a dance duet - web-site for Beijing Big Band - Beijing Lindy Exchange website - Swing dance community & school website - my clothes design project - web-site about swing dancing in China
Night Reggae - web-site for a Reggae Misic Festival
Deep - web-site for the scuba-diving club - my personal web-site about ancient Greek mythology - web-site for a real estate company in Kotor (Montenegro) - web-site for a jewellery company - accessories for laptops - rugged laptops "Getac" in Russia
ACAMIS Volleyball - web-site for a school volleyball tournament - web-site about Balboa dance
Zodiac-Art - my personal web-site about Zodiac signs in art
Marquise - web-site for renting evening dresses and outfits
Freedom Cars - american cars club in Moscow