"China" Series
Lion (Tianjin) "Old Park" (Shanghai) Cafe (Beijing)
Tian Tan - Temple of Heaven (Beijing) Tian Yi Tombs (Beijing) "Spring and Mountains" (Huai Rou)
(Beijing) "Er Hu Playing" (Beijing) Roofs (Pingyao)
"Shanghai" "The Emperor's Palace" (Beijing) (Beijing)
Temple (Pingyao) "Waiting" (Beijing) Hou Hai (Beijing)
"Brain Falure" show
"Postcards" Series
Temple of Zeus (Athens) Greece (Pathmos) "Nike" (Kiev, Ukraine)
"Sentosa" (Singapore) "Sentosa" (Singapore) "Hong Kong 100 years ago"
Other photos
"Russian Winter" (Ural, Russia) Berries (Ural, Russia) "Berries and Snow" (Ural, Russia)
"STOP" (Ural, Russia) Flowers of Winter Lights
Autoportret From an airplain Candlelight
Donkey (Hukou Waterfalls, China)
Lights Red Lights Fish
Tea Time! Peach Blossom (China)
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